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My Work at Saturday Kids

I’m the course owner for all of the courses for ages 11 and above at Saturday Kids. This means I create new courses and maintain existing ones. This involves keeping the platform and content up to date and training all our instructors. I am also in charge of training all the volunteer instructors for the Level 1 Python course for Code in the Community.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I spearheaded the effort to teach our Python curriculum. I piloted the first few classes to students in Japan & Singapore and trained other teachers including over 100 Code in the Community volunteers.

I teach all the classes I design and own and like to take a very hands on approach with curriculum development. If you would like to know more about how I design courses, read this blog post about how I led my team through a design sprint with the GV Sprint methodology to design the Code Meets World course and the motivation behind it.

Please click on the images to learn more about the individual courses.

End-to-End Curriculum Creation & Delivery
End-to-End Curriculum Creation & Delivery
Curriculum Owner
Curriculum Owner
(Explorer Pass is now Doyobi’s Science with Code)
Curriculum Creator & Project Manager
Curriculum Creator & Trainer

Creating Programming Curriculum & Teaching

Below is a description with examples of my curriculum creation process. I have 2 years of experience doing everything from designing, documenting, teaching and training.

Step 1: Gather assets and code out the project for the lesson
Step 2: Write detailed steps on how to write the code and the concepts needed
Step 3: Turn the instructions into visually appealing slides
Step 4: Teach Online or Offline (This is one of my online classes)

Content Creation for Learning Management Systems

I was contracted by Kaplan to write, storyboard, narrate and animate a series of videos and quizzes that were compatible with their e-learning systems. I learnt on the job about the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) while fulfilling this contract.

The final product for one of the modules