Making a Life of One’s Own: Do I Hire a Housekeeper?

I woke up this morning in my one-bedroom apartment. I had not cleaned it since I moved in 3 weeks ago. I have been contemplating hiring a housekeeper but had no idea what “keeping” this house involves. What do I ask said housekeeper to do, and in what order? I decided I had to do it myself to figure it out. I started by sweeping the floors with a broom and dustpan I got from Fairprice. It was relatively effective but didn’t get to the smaller pieces of dust and hair. That didn’t please me, so I went on Amazon, intending to buy a vacuum cleaner. I never realized how much vacuum cleaners cost. The cheapest one I found suitable was $159. I decided against the vacuum cleaner and continued sweeping. I followed this up with some organizing, dishwashing, and window cleaning. The window cleaner tool has a spongy side and a hard side. I had no idea why. I soon figured that you wipe with the spongy side to remove traces of dirt and then the hard side to remove moisture. Voila! Sparkling clean windows. Keeping house was deeply satisfying and utterly boring at the same time. I am confused and conflicted by these feelings. I still don’t know whether to hire a housekeeper.

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