Singaporean Companies Supporting the Myanmar Military and the People that Run Them

Being from Singapore and having tons of Singaporean friends, I can’t imagine any of them getting weapons from North Korea to the Burmese military, but that is exactly what two Singaporean companies, Excellence Metal Casting Pte. Ltd. and STE Global Trading Pte. Ltd. are accused of doing by the United Nations Security Council. Upon further investigation, I discovered that both these companies had the same registered address in a building I regularly go to eat Japanese rice bowls at. A look into their register of directors, revealed that the Director of the Myanmar Directorate for Defence Industries, Tun Hlaing is one of them. What was surprising though was that I saw another name with an associated address that was familiar to me. A condo a friend lives at in Pasir Panjang. Here is a Singapore citizen, NRIC number and all, bucking the trend that said Singaporeans were boring rule followers. This guy is a real life Singaporean arms trader. How many people can say that? I could tell from his NRIC number that this was a middle aged man and it gave me a laugh because this could’ve been any of the paunchy uncles I see lounging by the pool at my friend’s condo.

This got me into a rabbit hole of finding out who runs the rest of these companies. It was surprisingly hard and I couldn’t find much apart from their registered addresses and their employees on linked in. Acquiring the register of directors would cost me 20SGD for each company. I purchased the one for Singapore Hyalroute (Indonesia) Communication Investment Pte. Ltd. just out of curiosity. They supply fibre optic cables to military-owned Mytel. It’s owned by a combination of Singaporean citizens and permanent residents living in sought after addresses like Sentosa Cove so I guess it’s a well paying line of work lol.

Anyways, here’s a summary of my research excluding the personal details of the directors because I don’t want to be sued for doxxing.

Possible Actions To Be Taken

  • You could write to your Member of Parliament or go to a Meet The People session so they can take these companies to task.
  • You could write to these companies directly or call them out on social media. I expect these might work better with companies that are more public facing and has more a social media presence like Grab.
  • You could write directly to representatives of these companies.
Name of CompanyHow they are related to the Burmese militaryBusiness UENRegistered AddressWebsites & Socials
CODA PAYMENTS PTE. LTD.Coda Pay is a Singaporean digital payment technology company. It works for Mytel, the military owned mobile phone network, proving payment services for Mytel’s entertainment service.20113615853 CRAIG ROAD, #02-01, SINGAPORE 089691
EXCELLENCE METAL CASTING PTE. LTD.Excellence Metal Casting is a Singaporean company named by the UN Panel on North Korea sanctions as being linked to Tun Hlaing, Director of the Myanmar Directorate for Defence Industries. It is believed to be linked to breaking UN sanctions on North Korea enabling the Burmese military to procure weapons from the country.200515340161 LAVENDER STREET, #02-13, LAVENDER PLACE, SINGAPORE 338750
STE GLOBAL TRADING PTE. LTD.STE Global Trading Pte Ltd is a Singaporean company named by the UN Panel on North Korea sanctions as being linked to Tun Hlaing, Director of the Myanmar Directorate for Defence Industries. It is believed to be linked to breaking UN sanctions on North Korea enabling the Burmese military to procure weapons from the country.201402772161 LAVENDER STREET, #02-13, LAVENDER PLACE, SINGAPORE 338750
GLOBAL AIRFREIGHT INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.Global Airfreight is a Singaporean airfreight company. It rents its offices in Burma from Myawaddy Bank. Myawaddy Bank is part of Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings, which is controlled by and for the benefit of the military.197401407115 AIRPORT CARGO ROAD, #07-15, CARGO AGENTS BUILDING C, SINGAPORE 819466
GRABTAXI HOLDINGS PTE. LTD.Grab is Singaporean app-based taxi service. In Burma Grab hires the Gandamar Grand Ballroom forcorporate events. Gandamar Grand Ballroom is owned by the military-controlled Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd.2013161576 BATTERY ROAD, #38-04, SINGAPORE 049909
SINGAPORE (INDONESIA) COMMUNICATION INVESTMENT PTE. LTD.(n.k.a) SINGAPORE HYALROUTE (INDONESIA) COMMUNICATION INVESTMENT PTE. LTD.(f.k.a)HyalRoute is a Singaporean company supplying communications fibre optic cables. In Burma it works for the military-owned Mytel mobile phone network.2015340716 TEMASEK BOULEVARD, #29-00, SUNTEC TOWER FOUR, SINGAPORE 038986
INFINITY GLOBAL SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD.Infinity Global Solutions is a Singaporean ecommerce services company. It provides services to Adipati Agricultural Produce Trading Limited, which is owned by the military-controlled Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd.2009164834010 ANG MO KIO AVENUE 10, #04-08, TECHPLACE 1, SINGAPORE 569626
Iseaco Investment is a Singaporean company which owns Iseaco Ship Management Pte. It owns the ship Iseaco Genesis. Iseaco Genesis has used the military owned Hteedan Port in Yangon. Iseaco also manages the GSS Yangon, which uses the same port.2002066851 COLEMAN STREET, #05-09, THE ADELPHI, SINGAPORE 179803
Norse Group is a Singaporean shipping company which has a British subsidiary, Norse Management. Norse Management manages the Norse Group fleet, which in turn is owned by the Norse Group’s Singaporean subsidiary, Norse Shipholding Pte. Ltd. Norse Shipholding Pte. Ltd has a subsidiary, Rum Shipholding Pte Ltd, which owns the Cherry Vesta cargo ship. The Cherry Vesta cargo ship uses the military owned Ahlone International Port Terminal in Yangon.2016057371 MARITIME SQUARE, #10-33, HARBOURFRONT CENTRE, SINGAPORE 099253
Pacifica International Lines is a Singaporean shipping and transport company. It used the Hteedan Port in Yangon, which is co-owned by the military-owned Myanmar Economic Corporation.196700080140 CECIL STREET, #03-00, PIL BUILDING, SINGAPORE 069540
TRANSWORLD GROUP SINGAPORE PTE. LIMITEDTransworld Group Singapore is a Singaporean shipping company. It uses the military-owned Alhone International Port Terminal 1 in Yangon. Its ship, the BLPL Blessing, owned by its BLPL Singapore subsidiary, was in this port on 7th August 2019.201108989120 LOWER DELTA ROAD, #06-07, CENDEX CENTRE, SINGAPORE 169208



  1. Hi Swe Sin Tha, great research and compilation. For Excellence Metal Casting, I don’t see the UN report linking it to weapons from North Korea. The UN report only links Myanmar’s Excellence Mineral Manufacturing Ltd, and Myanmar based Ye Min Hein Co Ltd to North Korea activity. Unfortunately there is no official sanction against Myanmar military-linked businesses yet.



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