Making a Life of One’s Own: Do I Hire a Housekeeper?

I woke up this morning in my one-bedroom apartment. I had not cleaned it since I moved in 3 weeks ago. I have been contemplating hiring a housekeeper but had no idea what “keeping” this house involves. What do I ask said housekeeper to do, and in what order? I decided I had to do […]

An Attempt To Be Perfect 0% Of The Time

Whether we’re creating art, building technology or hiring personnel — if we wait for perfect we’ll be waiting a long time. And we know this already. Tan Lay I took a friend’s advice and finally decided to stop striving for perfection and just focus on producing content. This is a time lapse with narration about […]

Singaporean Companies Supporting the Myanmar Military and the People that Run Them

Being from Singapore and having tons of Singaporean friends, I can’t imagine any of them getting weapons from North Korea to the Burmese military, but that is exactly what two Singaporean companies, Excellence Metal Casting Pte. Ltd. and STE Global Trading Pte. Ltd. are accused of doing by the United Nations Security Council. Upon further […]

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